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Jan 24, 2013 7:00pm EST
and school lunch, but forget about school breakfast. i think about the legacy of martin luther king -- if i can dip into that strong tradition and think about what he said, let us be dissatisfied. divine dissatisfaction with what is going on with this country in terms of our education system, but definitely with hunger. the fact that we have 50 million americans who live in food in secure homes, hungry holmes, last year. the majority were homes that had young children. if you think about it, one in four young children with an america under the age of six is suffering from food insecurity. we know that affects their childhood development. we know increases hospitalization rates. it costs us an enormous amount, not only socially, and human suffering, but economic suffering in terms of the health-care consequences and costs. long before a child even crosses the threshold of kindergarten, that child is potentially truncated because they are food insecure, they are hungry, their families to not have enough money for food. i went to pick back up on you, congressman gingrich -- when you say our pr
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Jan 24, 2013 7:00pm PST
democrat senator and long-time civil rights leader henry marsh left town on martin luther king day to attend president obama's inauguration. [audience reacts] how fitting. in the words of dr. king, "i have been to the mountaintop, and while i was there, they heavily redistricted the promised land." [ laughter ] but the way these good ol' alpha dogs really swung their sacks in the faces of black voters was that after this vote on martin luther king day they "adjourned in memory of confederate general stonewall jackson." [audience reacts] what better way to honor dr. king? because if it weren't for the confederacy, he wouldn't have had that much to do. [ laughter ] now the bill -- you're welcome. [ laughter ] now the bill still has to be signed by virginia governor bob mcdonnell, who said "obviously the tactics used yesterday were a surprise and i don't think that's the way business should be done," but he didn't promise to veto it, saying instead "if i get a bill, i'll deal with it at that time." >> stephen: yeah, game time decision. after all, if somebody offered me a panda-burger,
Jan 25, 2013 12:00pm PST
approved a man to close a school. the to close bay sigh elementary in sausalito and students sent to martin luther, jr., academy there. it will be converted. bay side will become a charter school. the plan is expected to save $4 50,000 annually, critics say it will create a divide because many families won't be able to afford it. >>> flu activity is declining except here. the cdc says hospitalizations and deaths spiked again last week, especially among the elderly but they say now it appears to be leveling off. however today they also reported the season's first flu case resistant to treatment with tamaflu. >>> upgrades are coming to bart after the transit agency approved two contracts to update security and improve wi- fi service. yesterday their board of directors apried approved a contract for that. 2/3 of it comes from a grant. bart is also wiring wireless communications devices to create free wireless hot spots for passengers. >>> an appeals court has ruled that the president violated the constitution when he by passed the senate to fill vacancies on the panel. he says he did that. bu
Jan 25, 2013 12:30am PST
in a town that put martin luther king in jail for a few nights in 1963. when they heard the story of hog zila i wondered why people killed things they don't understand. i would like to read hog zila this is the first timei've read this part one is what i'm reading today. killer of kid and faun, muddy wallower trichinosis and tick. trap smart, nonnative gar gant wan flea bag you root in the oak brush of bogs and swamp. if we killed you now, hog zila, if we took aim for your belly with our cross bow or laser sight and pulled a trigger or let a tripped arrow rip through the night air there wouldn't be a story to tell. while we lay and wait for you to appear, chewing our ciao and the fat lit up on beer, lit up on the last of the evening light. we will harness you in speech, laszo you with language and make you bleed like the common pig you were before all this celebrity. in dreams you are bigger than you will ever be. you must be made to suffer for your mystery. the origin of hogzila. are you spawn of desoto men? long snouted do your upper tusks sharpen the lower. or did you escape from an a
Jan 24, 2013 7:00pm PST
, that is out in the forefront. martin luther king calls it the drum major. you've got to be the drum major - leading the band, the march, the parade. but what is the church? it's the tail light on a car - it's just always behind. and so i think what we must do is turn things to a point where we come to understand that you cannot have a new heaven until you have a new earth. >> i love that line, "you can't have a new heaven until you have a new earth." it's like that line, "why are you worried about life after death? let's worry about, life before death" - that kind of thing. sharon stone - that's who the actress was. the reason it took me a while to remember is she was at church and so her skirt was a lot longer than it normally is, on the thing. but anyway, back to reverend cecil williams. comments and thoughts relating back to the previous class about what he's saying about identity, relationship - did you catch anything in there you wanted to comment on? sure, chris? >> he was also talking about power. and for him, he wants to use the church's power - at least from what i got - to be at
Jan 25, 2013 3:00pm PST
protesters think about martin luther king who engaged in a lot of activities across the line of the law. he was never convicted of one felony. he was charged of two, and an all white journey exonerated him on both. here is a kid who literally was harming nobody who was going to be charged with 13 felonies and they would not go away until he admitted guilt of 13 felonies. so that's the kind of extremism that i think many people are wondering about now. >> jennifer: they are charging him under this computer fraud and abuse act which is 29 years old, and the technology has evolved so much and this issue of intellectual property, how do you carve this? >> yeah, the design of the law originally was we'll trust the prosecutors to make the distinction, and i think this case shows maybe we can't. the kind of changes that are being proposed are changes that make it merely because you don't do what the contract with the -- with the online service provider says, you haven't committed a felony. there are courts where the government insists if you don't do exactly what the onl
Jan 24, 2013 5:00pm PST
in good hands? >> john: last weekend was martin luther king's birthday. as well as the inauguration of our president. you would have to be tone-deaf to hold a national gun appreciation day that very weekend, right? that's exactly what a group of pro-gunned a advocates did. one -- not the white supremacist one, i'm talking about political media, they have a new campaign called what would django do. the film where every right wing white man is being portrayed as evele is being used to gain support for their cause. not only is their premise that army black folks would have prevented slavery absurd, it is also based on a film that's kind of fast and loose with a tone historic accuracy. >> this is the tarantino -- you have the kkk in the movie before the kkk even existed. they didn't need to wear hoods to be racist when they had slavery. [ laughter ] >> john: joining me now to discuss this and other issues are three of the hosts of this week in blackness radio on twib. l. joy williams who hosts twib in the morning. elon james white comedian extraordinaire and managing director of this week in b
Jan 24, 2013 8:00pm EST
for working to stop this epidemic of violence. i will end with a quote from martin luther king. our lives begin to end the day we remain silent on things that matter to our future and our lives and our children matter. i will make this letter available to those that would like to see it. it is signed by families of seven of the people that were killed in colorado. this is a tough issue for all of us. there are constitutional implications all of this. but our responsibility as representatives and senators is to be advocates for the people that we represent. i know that the people of the denver area need to see a change. we do not want to trample on second amendment rights. we believe those rights exist. we have to do something about these mass killings with weapons that the military uses for that law enforcement uses and it is our responsibility. thank you for bringing this forward. thank you. [applause] >> morning. my name is elizabeth and i represent connecticut's fifth district. as a new member of congress that started as a pta mom, this was an unbelievably difficult situation to walk i
Jan 25, 2013 9:00am EST
. that is race in america. a few days ago, president barack obama put its hand on the lincoln and martin luther king bible and took the oath of office almost 150 years since the emancipation population went into effect. he talked about the country's historic and continuing march for greater freedom. we at the "washington monthly" found it appropriate to devote the subjects to the conditions of minorities in america today. president obama as measured by his november vote totals retained the support of the americans of color, neither he nor the country have talked about much of race. he mentioned race fewer times in his first two years than any democrat resident since 1961. when he did talk about race, it often provoked a fierce backlash as when he said last year that if he had a son, he would look like trayvon martin, the young man who was killed tragedy in florida. tremendous backlash to that. he went silent on that issue. there has been generally a politically imposed code of silence around this residence and around the country, making it difficult for our nation to acknowledge and confront di
Jan 25, 2013 7:00am PST
hijo milan, escribió, muy feliz por la victoria y la clasificación. >>en bradway evita con ricky martin luther king se despide. sin antes entregarle un reconocimiento a la fundacion de ricky. >>el hijo menor de gloria trevi, se robó el show, bailando ♪ gangnam style ♪ y ofreciendo una entrevista a televisa espectaculos >>gloria trevi es la mejor, gana todos los trofeos. a mipapá, licenciado muy buena onda, se enoja mucho. >>y que haces cuando te regaña? >>hago mi carita de perita. >>miguel armando le quiere seguir los pasos a su famosa madre, a su corta edad ya tiene novia. >>quiero ser un famoso cantante. >>que música te gustaria interpretar >>rap >>y como se llama tu novia >>marcela >>y donde la conociste? >>en estados unidos, cuando tenia cuatro, nos queremos besar en la boca otra vez. >>beso en la boca!! >>guau!!! >>se llama marcela >>más informacion vaya a despierta amé >>se merece una sopa de caracol, como mujer hondureña ♪.. ♪.. >>vamos a una pausa, en breve veremos por qué la moda influye en los buenos resultados cuando haces ejercicios. >>entérese de
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)